Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 24th, April!


This weeks card is the Page of Coins or Pentacles.

A desire to create. Pay attention, listen to the signs from the universe as they cross your path this week.

New beginnings, the very start of something new is being looked at or perhaps is starting. Potential for growth, from an idea that is forming. Let things unfold in their own time, don’t rush with the earth energies.

All new or anything new is what is being asked for with the pages. Being a coin card, its by keeping and taking action in practical, logical ways, making sure that it’s real and true is how anything you want to manifest will form and grow.

May also be news or message coming your way. If it looks true, and you can take it serious, then pay attention to that message for growth and change.

Suit of Pentacles

earth element, money, career, work, tangible, material world, body, physical form, home, property, resources, substance, the reality you create.

“I am open to the new skills and creative endeavors that are being revealed to me” from the Herbal Tarot

Decks used – Crystal Vision by Jennifer Galasso, Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort.




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