Sun opposite Saturn, 15 June 2017!

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1957. Rene Burri 

SUN opposite SATURN 15 June @7:35:15 pm(east).

When all you want to do is play and have fun, work comes along.
Saturn likes to limit you, brings a serious, sober feel to the day.
You can feel alone or burdened, down, with this one, you may not feel like shining brightly as it’s a bit suppressed, either by a situation or others, maybe people in authority.
Try not to be too passive here, don’t let others overshadow you too much, find an outlet for you shine in your on way at some point if you feel the pressure is on.
Saturn may hold you back and it feels like things are stacked against you. Focus on doing work or just focus on the job at hand, like all transits they go, move on. This one is steady building of you, be real, be realistic in your approach and be patient.
This will pass.

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