Mars in Virgo, 5th Sept, 2017!

mars in virgo


MARS into VIRGO, 5th @7:35:38 pm aest, mutable earth, Mars is the urge to act, push yourself, gives you energy and fuel to get things done, get you going and going for it.
Mars strides into Virgo, so you can get shit done, he gives you the energy, drive to move ahead. He wants things to work better. It’s time to weed out what is not working and what is, Mars will help you, to take the action where it’s needed. It’s not rushing around impulsively, it’s taking action with technique and using discernment. If you have a goal or purpose at this time use Mars energy to serve you and others.
You can become obsessive in Virgo, wanting it to be perfect. Try and keep that under control, or you will drive yourself nuts in the process, and it won’t ever be good enough.
– Great time to clean out the cupboards
– clean up your routine
– start an exercise program, get healthy.
– change your daily ritual or routine
He will pick your energy levels up so you can change things up. Mars help you to take action in areas that you know need some work, and tidying it all up.
Mars comes along to clean up the mess.

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