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Tarot Reading
readings are a great way to get clarity, insight and general guidance on issues when they come up. This reading gets to the point quickly, easily and is clear. I use the Robin Wood Tarot + Tarot of Dreams and one oracle card for more information if needed.

3 card tarot reading

The reading gives you answers that are short and to the point. Appropriate for one question or issue. It’s a 20 min recorded reading. Plus picture of cards. All emailed to you.


After payment please send an email to with your name and star sign, plus your question. Allow 24-48 hours for reading to be emailed to you.

Also, this may help you decided if you would like a reading from me. Have a look at my Facebook page and view my weekly tarot video for how this reading will be.

All payments with PayPal and I will record your reading. I use HIGHTAIL  file sharing for the readings. You will have to login to HIGHTAIL and download the reading as it expires after 6 days. Please check out HIGHTAIL before hand, so you’re familiar with this process before you order a reading.  

*Please read my Terms of Services (including privacy, cancellation & refund policy) before you order to ensure that what I offer is in line with what you are after.*

The information on this site is for entertainment purposes only.


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