The Turquoise Blueprint

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 16th Oct, 2017!


This weeks Tarot Card is the Page of Cups!

Water, emotions, feelings, intuition, sensitivities, flow, openness.

This little page is seeking new experience in the emotional/feeling realm.
Be open to exploring this area of your life.
A new romance or a more intimate stage of feeling and sharing/caring is surrounding you this week. It may be a little of wearing your heart on your sleeve approach when it come to the matter of the heart.

The page shows up when you are entering into a new phrase or (would like to be) in which your feelings and emotions are the key part to this new experience. A start of  feelings bubbles up within you and you would like to take it out into the world, to be expressed freely and openly. This is a vulnerable stage and it can be scary, but to progress further along a little risk of being open is maybe what is needed now.

Pay attention to your intuition
Pay attention to your dreams

“I am open to new loving relationship” from the Herbal Tarot.
“The more I love myself, the more love I can give to others” from Tarot – Mirror of the Soul by Gerd B, Ziegler.
Decks used the Mythic Tarot and Book of Shadows Vol 2.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading 9th Oct, 2017!


high priestess


This weeks Tarot card is The High Priestess – 2 – major arcana!
High Priestess is strong, independent, reflective, receptive, confident but most of all follows her own inner knowing.
She is intuitive, listens to her inner most feelings as her guide.
If you are seeking answers or guidance, she is asking of you to come back to self even after you have seeked from outside of you. Always come back to your own voice that is whispering from within. Trust here.
Look deep inside of yourself this week. You will get the answers, and knowing by being patient, trusting, using your senses.
There is a lot brewing within her, waiting to come forth, she can be seeking knowledge, she may even have a secret or two hidden within, waiting.
Sometimes I see her as an incubation period, before things start to manifest.
Only you know your true self, and this is your only true guide.
Be still and listen and know!
She is your intuition.

“I Trust my own inner wisdom” from Tarot – Mirror of the Soul by Gerd B, Ziegler.
“I Open my heart to the answers that lie within me, I see the perfection and unity of all things” from the Herbal Tarot
Decks used – the Mythic Tarot and Tarot Mucha