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Astro Aspects 10th Dec, 2017!


Leila, 1892 Frank Bernard Dicksee


It’s a rough ride, you’re feeling tired, everything is all over the place, there is good with the bad, and you get a dose of both and other feelings all in just one day.

Mercury/Uranus communication/insight can come but it may be a surprise. Whatever happens also brings in a sense of freedom and evolution for the soul. Lift yourself up and keep on going.
Mercury/Chiron words can hurt, the pain is poked again, feeling sensitive and vulnerable.
Venus/Neptune adds a little more sensitive/feeling to this, love may be the theme or cause for the painful feeling that is hanging about. Disillusionment about love can leave you feeling lost and confused, Neptune highlights areas where you are feeling lost or perhaps have lost your way a little.
Neptune/Venus you may feel like ignoring the pain as you just don’t want to deal with it again, don’t get lost or escape from it. Try not to go overboard with anything that can leed to a massive hangover, that can just make the pain hurt more.
Mercury Rx, some parts of the story are not wrapped up yet.
Moon’s in Virgo, get grounded, stay practical and work with the facts and reality.

Astro Aspects, 8th Dec, 2017!


Life gets on top of you, it’s not much fun, you are trying to understand the meaning and purpose, work it all out, and it can be, one great big s*#t fight. Take this moment to look at this, allow yourself something good, have something to look forward too, get back in touch with you, have faith and trust this will change.
*Moon’s in Leo, (feelings what you need), adds more of this fun, creative, play theme.
*Mars is ready to leave Libra, and dive into Scorpio tomorrow, this does add a touch of frustration and angst to this mix. He is ready for the go moment, no more holding back for him.


SUN enters CANCER, 21st@
2:24:52 pm, aest. The Sun’s light shine’s onto the realms of emotions, feelings. It becomes a time of nurturing our needs, not so much our wants, it’s really about “what do I need now”? and that may be anything that will bring you comfort, nurturing and some self-care.
You want to start feeling better.
Cancer is the domestic life, the home, your inner emotional state. Ruled by the Moon, feelings and emotions come and go, you may and can feel a little moody, take things more personally. So take some time out, to take care of you and your personal needs.

Try and find some stability, security and comfort in regards to your emotional well-being.

MERCURY enters Cancer as well on the 21st, @7:58:19 pm aest. Your thinking is more about how you are feeling about things, then being logical or practical. You may find you can take situation and people more personally and want to take comfort, refuge in things that make you think and feel better.
Memories and thinking about the past may surface, Overall you may feel or be more sensitive during this phrase.

New Moon in Cancer, 24th @12:30:48 pm, conjunct Mercury this new moon may come with messages and information.




Make no mistake about this singing and dancing, glitzy, bright and colourful flick. It is about love, passion, dreams lost, dreams found, and regret. And no matter how we may wish to rewind and just do it all a little differently, there is no going back.

La La Land is well balanced between being a musical and telling the story, perhaps that is how a musical that appeals to all audiences gets to be a Best Picture nomination. The story has been told a million times before, but this fresh approach, with intelligence, and perception, makes it unique. Well unique to me perhaps, I’m not a great fan of musicals, so probably not in a position to judge. Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) provides knowledge about jazz, and conversations with others presents the argument about traditionalist and innovation. These conversations don’t seem odd or out of place, they allow us…

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading,6 March 2017



Weekly Tarot card, 2 of cups.

Union, partnership, friendship, LoVe. Be receptive, open to love, feelings, sharing this week. Coming together and sharing your feelings, emotions.
Equal unions. Commitment, intimacy and attraction.
Love or friendship may come your way this week, so be aware of what’s happening around you. It also may come in a way you don’t expect.
There is two parts to the 2 of cups, receptive and action, receiving and giving.
someone may finally take some action forward, taking it beyond the attraction stage.
Whatever comes your way, have a look, it there to be seen.
Deck used Beginners guide to Tarot.
” I recognize the spiritual strength and power that is created from Union ” from the Herbal Tarot Deck

Sun – Neptune, from out of nowhere!

As I sit, think what to write about, so many things I could write about, but what’s really on my mind is  Neptune, God of the sea, you know it’s big, vast, deep, the bottom takes a lot to get too. Whenever I do an astrology reading I always use the deep blue sea to describe how a planet may work in Neptune or the 12th house. Imagine the Sun in the middle of the ocean, how would the Sun shine then, not so shinny or  sparkly, take more work, may even come out distorted. 

Sun conjunct Neptune Exact today, sun shines the light onto the hidden, so you can see. Shines the light onto the dream, brings things or situation into reality. of course there has been a build up here to this exact point. Lots of Pisces energy, the end. letting go.


sun and sea


I struggle with Neptune the parts unseen, it makes me uncomfortable, I am realist, have Mars, Venus, South node, Mercury all in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in my birth chart, and I am a Sagittarius Sun and Moon girl, so please no bullshit here, I am rather grounded and practical, however I love the dream and the magic, musical, mystical side of Pisces, I love the higher aspect of the Neptune/Pisces realms, I believe in a higher source, an intelligent mind, God/Goddess above, Gaia, I believe that there is more than this earth bound, physical, realm I live in. I like to believe in the synchronicity, serendipity, the sign from above.   

Over the last couple of months, well, years, really (Saturn in Scorpio, still shaky after that transit) there has been an unraveling of soul, to dissolve old patterns/cycle, fears, hidden or known, the dissolve needs to happen. So you can see the parts hidden to or from you, thanks to Saturn (reality), pulling/ripping away at the layers, unwrapping you till you become clear and clean (Virgo north node, future), with each new and full moon, things have been shown to you, if you have been paying close enough attention to what your inner self is trying to tell you, you have to stay on track, soul’s intention, no matter how difficult it is by what’s been thrown at you.

The internal compass, your heart’s intent is your guide.

Saturn in Sagittarius have a goal, aim for it, have a long term vision for yourself, very important, this will give you direction and focus, somewhere to head for other wise you can get lost or lead astray. If you do have a plan/vision/goal for yourself, your life, to get there you have to make sure that you are driven, committed to that plan, as you will be tested to stray from this goal as the ego can and will take over, particularly when things get difficult, you may want to throw in the towel. It all can be too hard. Saturn in Sag is also reality check time. Look at your beliefs it may be time for a new set, be truthful, the truth, real, honest, about yourself and your life, with the North node in Virgo and Saturn in Sag it is about doing the weeding, stripping the garden back, cleaning, purifying. This is also where the Saturn square Neptune comes in helping you bring the dream into reality but first let’s get the foundation, structure, solid, stable and pure. No good having a base that will be blown away when a good strong wind comes along, namely events and other people’s choices. All things align for you to make adjustments, know you’re on track, or if you are way off. It’s also a nine year, endings, things have to go for you to evolve and grow.

The veils of delusion/illusion are being parted and you can see. It’s also an aspect for you to look at, I think things are popping up now for them to leave, what is real for you? As in, what do you really want to feel like and be in your life. We are all being shown, do you want this or that? You choose, and in some cases you may be forced to, you may have something pop out at you to see what is really going on, as you may have been making choices not fully aware of what they were really about. The unseen is very Pisces/Neptune energy that’s where the deception part comes from, “from out of nowhere”, is a great saying for the magic or illusion of Pisces/Neptune.


high priestess


Life is like a maze, you have to keep going to get out, and it’s tricky at every turn, you thought that was the way, no, go back, go this way, this may take you a little further and you do feel better, more relaxed and even sure, then you turn again, this is a wtf! turn and you have to make adjustments, be resourceful (strength from within) and keep going. You think you’re at the end, and out, you realize you’re not, each day is a new day and each day is going to be different and for me I am always in a constant state of change and flux, each day my emotions, mood changes, nothing is really that stable at the moment and the eclipses are coming, so till they wrap up, it may be more of the same for a while, will have to wait and see what they bring you.

The Mantra from Kaypacha Lescher is a good one for now. From his weekly Pele report.

May I know the source of what,

Appears within my mind,

And only act upon that which,

My heart and soul align. – Kaypacha Lescher


Taking the practical, realistic approach to living a blissful life!

Leave the past behind and head towards your true north…… Is the message of the Nodes. Dreams into reality, through the everyday experiences and expressions of Virgo earthly and heavenly touch, as the Nodes change signs, south into Pisces, north into Virgo.

North and South Nodes (karma, past lives) of the moon are points where the Moon’s orbit intersect the plane of the ecliptic ( the apparent annual path of the sun in the heavens).


North Node represents your future, gain, your future self, where you are headed, this can feel and be unfamiliar to you. You are learning, developing this part of yourself, the challenges you must work through to become whole in this lifetime. You can and will grow spiritually, this is your evolution of soul, a more fulfilling path. It can feel uncomfortable and you will often fall back onto the old ways of doing and being. Which is the south node.

South Node represents your past, past lives, these experiences and qualities come naturally to you, you know them very well and do them easily and you tend to want to stay here, habit patterns that you fall into without thinking, and instinctive behaviors. The South Node can be a point of undoing, your Achilles heel, will keep you in the same place, unless you develop and head for the North Node experiences and qualities. Consciously working on the qualities of the North Node can bring you to true happiness and fulfillment, however it can be uncomfortable, If you overemphasize and fall back on the qualities of our South Node, you may have a difficult time feeling personally satisfied and successful.

Sometimes I view this as a place to head to in a chart, the qualities of the north node can help you embrace your life, a way of releasing your past (south) habits, patterns. They are opposite on the chart, so what you are trying to do? is move your intentions, actions, being towards the north node, you all have this is in your birth chart, it’s not easy as this is unfamiliar territory. 

My north node is in Cancer (feelings), sensitive, flow, movement, slow and relaxed, comfort, nurturing, security, so, my south is in Capricorn (psychical security, detached emotions, money, work orientated) and I have to say for a good part of my life I was very Capricorn, cool, detached, aloof, work focused, to the point and some would say harsh or cold….. they we’re right. This way of being was not working for me, not in relationships, work, life. Life then tosses a few painful experiences at you, so, of course I then was faced with All of my emotions, feelings and sensitivities, Gotta say I did not like it! So, what’s a girl to do? I accepted my feelings, Yes…… Helen you have them, I was in despair (God, more like drowning) for a while and I struggled with them, it was i long process to get out of the emotional place I had got myself into.

The trick is now i know I am sensitive, have feelings, (many of them) and i now check in, on how i am feeling, and this of course has led to be more compassionate towards others feeling. When i listen and act on feeling, life is better, i do gain something rewarding in my life. And yes i still sometimes fall back into the Capricorn me as i know it so well, but now i know where i am at and what I am doing, I use my feelings, emotions and body to guide me and direct me.


Having been in Aries and Libra from February 2014 – November 2015.

Aries, the individual expression – Libra, balance, relationship/partnership with others, how you are in them, how do you assert yourself with others, do you lose yourself or do you push your way on to others, of course the trick here was balance, fairness, listening, harmonizing, doing what’s good for ALL, but somehow still maintaining your true essence without losing it among everyone else.

Relationships may have been interesting, to the say the very least, you may also have had a very good look at yourself and at other people and how they play. This is the axis of projection and relating, to keep things fair, some of you may have given yourself away. Yes, some of you may also have found yourself.

Now the Nodes move into PISCES (south, past), Virgo (north, future) here you have a chance for some healing and getting real again, This axis involves, dreams and reality, the dream, water, imagination, to dissolve boundaries, to float away and escape, that’s Pisces – VIRGO, practical, details, logical thinking, plans, lists, work, focus, healing, earth, cleaning, real and reality.

Capture vp

You have a chance to get real, you’ve had a good look at yourself, thanks to Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Virgo, you’ve had a chance to change, grow, release, accept, move, face some fears, probably a lot of fears, here you are now getting real, coping with reality, out of the bubble, accept who you really are and what your like. Clean up time, dust yourself off, face Virgo’s North Node.

The point to work with spirit, for humanity, we are all in this together, whether you like it or not. Virgo’s role is to heal, and help, to use her earthy, practical, and logical approach to heal you first and then you can heal others through the work you do. Chiron is linked to Virgo, another healer, helping you to heal your wounds and humanity’s wound.

Have the dream, imagination of Pisces, don’t run away from the reality, you could get lost in the void or abyss, this is not the time to be doing that, get of the mountain top, look up from your belly button, get yourself awake, as now you have to take the practical, realistic approach of living a blissful life, this may require some work as Virgo is the essence of daily work, patience, goals, a plan plus logical thinking, details and hands on work.

Collectively, we are all going to be doing this, you start with yourself first, clean yourself up, get real with you, be honest, look at what area’s you can start with, what steps can you take/make for change to happen, to make it a happier and healthy life. Because the more you work on, clean up, get honest with, you then can move about the world and share this and this is part of the cleaning process for us all. Virgo is a very humbling sign as they can see the flaws in themselves (don’t be critical or picky) and that can turn into compassion and empathy not only for themselves but for all of humanity.  Not in the victim or martyr roles this no longer works, there’s no blame or shame, it’s healing work to become whole.


Beautiful, perfect work (world) you can create, it may be a humbling experience to see what you can create, integrate it into the world.

Virgo – Pisces is also a very healing time, both of these relate to healing, wholeness and wellness. Let’s keep Pisces’s Faith as you are going to be needing a lot of that.

With the world as it is today, so much suffering, pain, loss, death, fear and hatred, it may seem like a difficult task, the nodes movement to Virgo may help to start the process of doing the work to clean up the mess we have created so far. Here’s to Virgo working her everyday magic!



Look at you birth chart, check out where Virgo/Pisces is and see what house this is taking place for you. As these two will stay here for around 18-19 months.

One day in September.

Thursday’s big day of changes, Mercury Rx in Libra last for the year, Saturn finally OUT of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, Jupiter and Neptune are exactly opposite, they have been heading for this all month.

So, it’s going to be interesting!

Jupiter in Virgo, earth and Neptune in Pisces, water, if you have been finding that dealing with your daily life has been difficult this could be why, you may just want to dream or be more in the flow, be creative, but the drudgery of working and daily stuff, keep popping up, making you face reality, these two could be why.

This can be like your being pulled into something, like a dream or the sea, the pull is strong, but you have pressing need to be productive, to be doing. it’s uncomfortable and tiring.

Both Jupiter and Neptune deal with spiritual growth and pursuits, you may be wanting to connect more into these things, expand your awareness in areas that help you grow, but do not be too idealistic here as you may find that you are let down, it’s best to stay grounded and realistic during this time. Jupiter would like you to expand where you are at, however Neptune can make you a little dreamy and can get you lost, be careful not to delude yourself here. This can be one of those ”it’s too good to be true times”.

This is a perfect time for a holiday or a few days off, where you can just float along and indulge yourself.


And yes it’s that time of year MERCURY RX, again in Libra this time, last one for this year, as you do for all Rx, read the fine print, don’t make big purchase, communication is tough, back up your computer, etc, but you know life still goes on and so must you. You just have to move slower, allow your mind to slow down too.

Great time to re-do your thinking patterns, where does your energy go with our thoughts, time to clean up your thoughts, might be a good time to implement some positive affirmations on a daily basis, make up some mantras to go to when you find yourself in the old process.

Re-do, go-over, it’s all the re things and being in Libra it’s getting back to balance, equilibrium, you may find you really take your time in making decisions, take your time here don’t’ rush. You May find things confusing, your minds a muddle and communication in relationships may be strained so have patience with loved ones as Libra is about relationship too.


Left the best till last…… SATURN leaves SCORPIO!!!

Wrapping it up, leaves here and will not return for another 28 years, bye-bye. The last few degrees have been emotionally intense, a big slog and difficult, Saturn moves into Sagittarius a fire sign, things will lighten up, however Saturn will still be teaching you some lesson as you go. But in Sagittarius you will be learning about a more meaningful, life with purpose, truth, integrity.

Will write more about this later, for now know it will involve structure around your goals, dreams, faith and beliefs, and of course hard work.


WOW……that’s one day in September and we are just past the mid-point, you have the rest of September to go through, it’ gonna be, like I said,……. interesting.

You Deserve LOVE ……you are lovable! V-Day card

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
And, yes like many of you, I have, sometimes still do believe i am a bit of a wallflower when it comes to love and dating. Wishing for the great love and romance but at the same time hovering in the corner saying to self please, let this one not be like all the rest or is it just me. I have come to the conclusion it’s not me! And I hope you do to.
Having relationships are very difficult, complex and I will write a blog on that, as I struggle with them, I will say that I have Saturn in Aquarius, Chiron in Pisces in the 7th house(partner house), Mars in Capricorn, words from my mentor Tom Kaypacha lescher “I want to shut the door on that one. or as another astrologer said to me once “you would rather poke yourself in the eye then have a another relationship”, I node YES to all.

However, being the optimistic Sagittarius that I am, I am still hopeful in the love department. I have not closed the door (I have slammed it shut for a while), my eye’s are still good, So with that……

Happy Valentines day.

Using the “romance angels” deck from Doreen Virtue, of course, i plucked a card or the day.

You Deserve Love-you are lovable!

Ha…. just what we all need to hear and know because we are, deep down inside we do know it!
This card is talking about not feeling good about yourself and the harsh life experience we often have, we do blame ourselves and in most cases we end up not loving ourselves and feeling not good enough. This is a reminder that we are more than worthy of receiving love and affection.
The image on the card is of a women in her power, strong, seeking what she wants, aiming for it with her eye definitely on the goal, feeling supported, confident and guided.
But, most of all-knowing that she can have that loving feeling, when she/he starts to believe in/trust her/himself, know she/he is SO much more than her past experience.
You have heard it all before, love yourself, so true, in many ways, as when you really, truly love yourself AND except you for all that you have gone through, all that you have done, you may actually start to believe that you have the heart to go out again, that someone may SEE you, except you and love you.
Believe me I know, it’s not easy, so maybe for a day we can put all the baggage and bullshit behind us, open up to love , enjoy the moment, cherish ourselves, connect with who we love after all it’s a day about LOVE, so spread it around.

V-Day falls when the Sun is in Aquarius , it’s the universal sign of L.O.V.E. unconditional love, love for all of humanity, global love for every single living thing. Moon will be in Sagittarius another freedom loving sign.

Happy Valentines Day (21)

Go figure it’s really big, big, big LOVE day.
And if you’re not partnered up (this is the day we dread) go out, treat yourself with kindness, be your own valentine, as love is an inner thing and at the end of the day we all have that.

Picture 4