The Turquoise Blueprint

Mars in Virgo, 5th Sept, 2017!

  MARS into VIRGO, 5th @7:35:38 pm aest, mutable earth, Mars is the urge to act, push yourself, gives you energy and fuel to get things done, get you going and going for it. * Mars strides into… Read More

Astro bits, 3 Sept, 2017!

SUN opposite NEPTUNE, MARS, MERCURY, hit the eclipse spot. MOON in Aquarius. Sun and Neptune meet up (this will be around for the next few days, exact around the full moon in Pisces, on the 6th), things can… Read More

Astro bits, Mercury Rx, re-enters Leo, 31st, Aug, 2017!

MOON @29 degrees Sag, moves into Capricorn, well in about 20 mins. out of the fire into earth, ground down, get practical and real. Mercury re-enter Leo 1st Sep, @1:26:52 am, rethinking a previous opinion or idea, go… Read More

Astro bits, Moon square Sun, 29th, Aug, 2017!

MOON in Sagittarius square SUN in VIRGO, first quarter moon, since the new moon. Squares bring a struggle so that you feel the pressure to do something. I know it’s a drag. But anyways…… you’re in the building… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 28th Aug, 2017!

This weeks card is the Knight of swords. Air element – intellect, words, communication, mind, knowledge, action, power, and change. Cutting ties and moving on, separating from entanglements and limitations. -This week it’s about getting clarity and getting… Read More

Venus in Leo, Saturn Direct, and other Astro bits, 27th, Aug, 2017!

VENUS in LEO, step more into the spotlight with Venus here. She will be looking at Love, money, relationships and self-worth. When in Leo, you are bold and daring, you want fun, play and more excitement in your… Read More

Astro bits, 25th Aug, 2017!

MOON in LIBRA square PLUTO. You want your feelings to level out, to find some balance, but the Moon hits into Pluto, so here comes that feeling again, more deep intense feelings come floating to the surface. Back… Read More

Sun in Virgo and Astro bits, 24th Aug, 2017!

SUN in VIRGO, time to get back to reality, ground down into the daily ritual, work and service that is life. She comes back to earth and find that it humbles her. After the high life of Leo…. Read More

Go towards the GOLD, New moon in Leo, 22nd Aug, 2017!!!

  NEW MOON in LEO, 22nd, Aug @4:28 am (aest) + it’s  a solar eclipse. Sun and Moon conjunct, Mars is still close by, Trines to Saturn and Uranus. Eclipses are powerful because they bring change, they open thing… Read More

Venus square Jupiter, 17th Aug, 2017!

VENUS square JUPITER I generally, think and feel anything that involves Venus and Jupiter is good. With Venus coming off here hit with Pluto which was, well just too much, felt like unraveling or coming undone? Here she… Read More

Astro bits, 16 Aug, 2017!

MOON in Gemini, square Mercury Rx in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. Mercury opposite Neptune. With Moon in Gemini aspect Mercury take the time out to go over your choices, decision you have made or go over what is… Read More

Venus opposite Pluto, 15th Aug, 2017!

VENUS in Cancer opposite PLUTO in Capricorn. Venus rules, love, money, relationship, self-worth and values. Pluto rules, sex, power, money, other people, transform and transcends. And both have control and power struggles going on. Opposition is external, you… Read More