The Turquoise Blueprint

Mars enters Libra, 23rd Oct, 2017!

. The planet of action, the action you take, anger, aggression, passion, sexual energy, initiative and drives enters Libra. Warrior Mars is not so happy, not as strong, he has to slow down, listen, it’s about relating and… Read More

New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!

Libra Moon and Sun opposite Uranus in Aries, close by is Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio with these two in the mix, you’re going to want to go deeper, delve into the emotions, not the surface stuff here…. Read More

Mercury enters Scorpio, delving deeper! 17th Oct, 2017.

Mercury enters Scorpio, leaves behind the light, fluffy vibe of Libra and enters into the world of hidden thoughts and deep emotions of water sign Scorpio. This is where life gets a little or a lot more interesting,… Read More

Venus in Libra, 14th Oct – 7 Nov, 2017!

Venus enters Libra on the 14th, she likes it here, works well. Venus/Libra is about you and the other, relationships and partnerships. Being more social, co-operating, wanting peace, harmony, fairness and balance, beauty and attraction(what you want) are… Read More

Astro bits 15th Oct, 2017!

MARS opposite Chiron, Mercury opposite Uranus. It may be a prickly day with these two aspects. First off Mars opposite Chiron brings in some kind of hurts as the wound is being poked at. You may feel like… Read More

Astro bits 11th Oct, 2017!

MARS squares SATURN, this is a testy pair, you my feel like the thing that you want is taking a long time to take off or come about. Mars wants to take action towards desired goals or plan…. Read More

Astro bits 10th Oct, 2017!

  Can you feel it! Might be the key words during this transit. Jupiter, planet of luck, expansion, magnifies all that is touched, is getting ready to leave Libra, and enter the deep, deep waters of Scorpio. You… Read More

Astro bits 9-10th Oct, 2017!

Mercury/Sun square to Pluto, as you all know square are intense aspects in astrology. So….it may have an intense vibe to the days. Mercury and Pluto may be somewhat of a mindf**k, you may not be able to… Read More

Astro bits, 7- 9th Oct, 2017!

Full moon in Aries kicks you off to a new start, Mars/Venus conjunct also bring in a the flavour of new beginnings, Jupiter’s about to leave behind Libra and is super ready to dive into Scorpio. But…..hang on… Read More

Astro bits, 4 – 6th Oct, 2017!

Moon in Pisces meet up with Mars/Venus in Virgo, you might have stumbled a little in your thoughts in what you want or desire and will it come about. You start to doubt it. Sun quincunx Neptune to… Read More

Venus and Mars, get it on!

  Venus(what you want) and Mars(action, what you do to get it), both trine Pluto, deep soul urges, desires and goals may kick in, with some positive action, you can very well manifest with this one. Be sure… Read More

Astro bits, 30th Sept, 2017!

  VENUS opposite Neptune, love, money and beauty, gets touched by Neptune’s alluring ways, its looks and feels lovely, it shines and sparkles in your eyes. But…. does it really? Illusion, delusion, deception can float with this one…. Read More