The Turquoise Blueprint

Astro bits, 28th Sept, 2017!

Astro bits, 28th Sept, 2017! Lots happening in the sky, intense, so hold on, and breathe. * Sun in Libra square Moon on Capricorn, first quarter square, get’s serious. Jupiter square Uranus, liberation – freedom, change – unexpected…. Read More

Jupiter opposite Uranus, 28th Sept, 2017!

  Jupiter Opposite Uranus, these two have been playing it out since 26th Dec 2016. They bump into each other for one last time on 28th, move on and over 2 Oct, 2017. What have they been trying… Read More

Astro bits, 25-28th, Sept, 2017!

There’s some intensity in the air, things are changing, perhaps getting clearer perhaps not. You feel like you need to find a way or to know the way, forward. . But you can’t Saturn wants you to pace yourself,… Read More

Sun in Libra, 23 Sept, 2017!

  SUN in Libra, into the cardinal air. It’s the half way mark in the zodiac wheel and year, you may be feeling the need and desire to connect more, interact, you are stepping into the external world,… Read More

New Moon in Virgo, 20th Sept, 2017!

  New Moon in Virgo, 20th @3:30 pm (aest) Sun/Moon opposite Chiron, square to Saturn. Mercury ruler of Virgo, conjunct Mars, opposite Neptune. This is a very Virgo time, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus(enters a few hours… Read More

Astro bits, 18th Sept, 2017!

  Balsamic moon phase, time before the new moon, you may really feel like winding down, feeling like letting go, that even apart of you is literally dying away into a nothingness. Ideally it’s an internal, quite time… Read More

Astro bits, 15th Sept, 2017!

Well, the energy has settled somewhat, not as twitchy as the last few days. But, I would say you’re feeling tired/drained from it. Venus the planet of love and money is in a harmonious aspect to Jupiter, expansion,… Read More

Astro bits, 14th Sept, 2017!

SUN square SATURN, the square creates friction and frustration, you can feel challenged by limits or restrictions placed upon you. Go with the limits as it may be helping you to pace yourself, to be really sure about… Read More

Astro bits, 13th Sept, 2017!

Well it’s an intense, twitchy kind a day, you can be feeling some stress and tension, maybe a bit of an overload, and you may feel tad irritated by it all. * MOON squares SUN, here you are… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 11 Sept, 2017!

This weeks card is the Hermit. KEYWORDS – turning in, finding one’s light, completion/beginnings, harvest, resting in one’s center, wise guide, readiness to face the shadow on the path to the light. Virgo – is the sign of… Read More

Mercury re-enters Virgo, Moon in Taurus, 10th Sept, 2017!

  MERCURY re-enters VIRGO, you now got the info, gone over many things, but mostly it was and probably still is a brain drain and brain F**k! Mercury in Virgo works well here, watch your stress levels, don’t… Read More

Full Moon in Pisces, 6th Sept, 2017!

Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune! Full moon time, Sun and Moon opposite each other, happens every month. And I gotta say for this one I’ve got nothing!, sorry about that, so my thoughts and feelings are this…. Read More