The Turquoise Blueprint

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 30th, Oct, 2017!

  This weeks card is the 4 of cups. Water element, emotions, feelings, sensitive, intuitive, flow, openness. Moon in Cancer Is something or someone calling you to come out, to move away from your everyday life! This week… Read More

Mars enters Libra, 23rd Oct, 2017!

. The planet of action, the action you take, anger, aggression, passion, sexual energy, initiative and drives enters Libra. Warrior Mars is not so happy, not as strong, he has to slow down, listen, it’s about relating and… Read More

New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!

Libra Moon and Sun opposite Uranus in Aries, close by is Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio with these two in the mix, you’re going to want to go deeper, delve into the emotions, not the surface stuff here…. Read More

Venus in Libra, 14th Oct – 7 Nov, 2017!

Venus enters Libra on the 14th, she likes it here, works well. Venus/Libra is about you and the other, relationships and partnerships. Being more social, co-operating, wanting peace, harmony, fairness and balance, beauty and attraction(what you want) are… Read More

Astro bits 15th Oct, 2017!

MARS opposite Chiron, Mercury opposite Uranus. It may be a prickly day with these two aspects. First off Mars opposite Chiron brings in some kind of hurts as the wound is being poked at. You may feel like… Read More

Astro bits 11th Oct, 2017!

MARS squares SATURN, this is a testy pair, you my feel like the thing that you want is taking a long time to take off or come about. Mars wants to take action towards desired goals or plan…. Read More

Astro bits, 7- 9th Oct, 2017!

Full moon in Aries kicks you off to a new start, Mars/Venus conjunct also bring in a the flavour of new beginnings, Jupiter’s about to leave behind Libra and is super ready to dive into Scorpio. But…..hang on… Read More

Astro bits, 28th Sept, 2017!

Astro bits, 28th Sept, 2017! Lots happening in the sky, intense, so hold on, and breathe. * Sun in Libra square Moon on Capricorn, first quarter square, get’s serious. Jupiter square Uranus, liberation – freedom, change – unexpected…. Read More

Jupiter opposite Uranus, 28th Sept, 2017!

  Jupiter Opposite Uranus, these two have been playing it out since 26th Dec 2016. They bump into each other for one last time on 28th, move on and over 2 Oct, 2017. What have they been trying… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading 25th Sept, 2017!

This weeks card is the 9 of cups, water, feelings, emotions. One of the sweet cards of the tarot ❤ Make a wish or a dream is about to come true, getting what you want! It’s a magical… Read More

Astro bits, 13th Sept, 2017!

Well it’s an intense, twitchy kind a day, you can be feeling some stress and tension, maybe a bit of an overload, and you may feel tad irritated by it all. * MOON squares SUN, here you are… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 11 Sept, 2017!

This weeks card is the Hermit. KEYWORDS – turning in, finding one’s light, completion/beginnings, harvest, resting in one’s center, wise guide, readiness to face the shadow on the path to the light. Virgo – is the sign of… Read More