The Turquoise Blueprint

Saturn trine Uranus, 11 Nov, 2017!

The third and last meet up between these two planets, first up in Dec 24-25 2016, then again in May 19-20 2017. Trines are considered one of the  most beneficial because you don’t have to do too much work with them,… Read More


  She is dark, deep and determined. BML, she is the wild, untamed, raw and passionate side of you, she is working from within the psyche. Often she is denied, suppressed and not addressed, she can come out… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading 6th Nov, 2017!

5 of cups. Move on! Water, emotions, feelings, sensitive, intuition, flow. * Oh, the 5 of cups is the card or energy of the week. Gotta say not one of my faves, that for sure. Last weeks energies… Read More

Astro Aspects,31st Oct, 2017!

  VENUS in Libra trines South Node in Aquarius, sextiles North Node in Leo. Past relationship/friendships may easily, smoothly move forward or come together with help from the Nodes. This makes things easier, when working out where this… Read More

Astro Aspects, 30-31st, Oct, 2017!

*Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces, it’s a supportive/successful aspect, Scorpio Sun, brings intensity to the sweet, magical vibe, Pisces Moon is surrender, faith. You go deeper into waters, have courage, submerge, let go.   *Mercury in… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 30th, Oct, 2017!

  This weeks card is the 4 of cups. Water element, emotions, feelings, sensitive, intuitive, flow, openness. Moon in Cancer Is something or someone calling you to come out, to move away from your everyday life! This week… Read More

Sun conjunct Jupiter, 26th Oct, 2017!

SUN conjunct JUPITER, their’s a strength within you, that you don’t know about yet. You are a wellspring of abundance and wealth.   Sun will shine its light onto areas that you feel are intense, overwhelming and coming… Read More

Astro bits 24th Oct, 2017!

Mercury trine Neptune, this aspects dissolves boundaries, makes it easier to connect and talk about uncomfortable or uneasy conversations. Coming more from a place of understanding, compassion and care. Wonderful for creativity, writing, using your imagination, tapping into… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card, 23 Oct 2017!

This weeks Tarot Card The Devil! Capricorn The Devil is a major arcana card, a soul card, has much more meaning in our lives than the minor arcana, which deal with our day-to-day issues. The Devil card does… Read More

Mars enters Libra, 23rd Oct, 2017!

. The planet of action, the action you take, anger, aggression, passion, sexual energy, initiative and drives enters Libra. Warrior Mars is not so happy, not as strong, he has to slow down, listen, it’s about relating and… Read More

New Moon in Libra, 19-20th Oct, 2017. Intense interactions!

Libra Moon and Sun opposite Uranus in Aries, close by is Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio with these two in the mix, you’re going to want to go deeper, delve into the emotions, not the surface stuff here…. Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 16th Oct, 2017!

This weeks Tarot Card is the Page of Cups! Water, emotions, feelings, intuition, sensitivities, flow, openness. This little page is seeking new experience in the emotional/feeling realm. Be open to exploring this area of your life. A new… Read More