The Turquoise Blueprint

MARS enters SCORPIO, 9th Dec, 2017!

Mars in Scorpio digs deeper, wants to go deeper, wants a stronger bond, more intimacy and being real and raw is the way he likes to go, now that he’s in Scorpio, no more holding back or weighing… Read More

Jupiter Trine Neptune, 3rd Dec, 2017!

Jupiter trine Neptune, 3rd Dec,2017! This is the first of three, the other dates are(May 25th, 2018 and 19th Aug, 2018) Jupiter likes to expand, Neptune dissolves the barriers or limits, a combo of these two especially in… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 27th Nov, 2017!

This weeks Tarot Card is Strength – a major arcana card. These cards are not talking about everyday stuff it’s bigger soul stuff that you are working on or through this week. Generally it does mean strength, having… Read More

Astro aspects 21st, Nov, 2017!

VENUS sextiles PLUTO, Moon enters Capricorn, Neptune stations to go direct, Sun @29 degrees of Scorpio. Venus planet of love, relationship, values and being social is meeting up with Pluto, transformation. You can find you long or want… Read More

Astro aspects, 19th, Nov, 2017!

  MARS squares PLUTO, MERCURY aspects the nodes, past and future. Mars and Pluto are up against each other in a tense square, squares bring in action needs to be taken, a feeling of crisis may come about…. Read More

New Moon in Scorpio, 18th Nov, 2017!

Sun/Moon in Scorpio, quincunx to Uranus in Aries, Uranus trines Saturn. There is weight and depth behind your emotions for this new moon. You’re trying to find a place to anchor these emotions but it’s going to be… Read More

VENUS conjunct JUPITER in Scorpio, 2017!

November 13th 2017, at 7° Scorpio. A sweet connection, brings in some benefits. You my even manifest(a gift) something in the physical form during this aspect. Which let’s face it after the last few months of very testy… Read More


  She is dark, deep and determined. BML, she is the wild, untamed, raw and passionate side of you, she is working from within the psyche. Often she is denied, suppressed and not addressed, she can come out… Read More

Weekly Tarot Card Reading 6th Nov, 2017!

5 of cups. Move on! Water, emotions, feelings, sensitive, intuition, flow. * Oh, the 5 of cups is the card or energy of the week. Gotta say not one of my faves, that for sure. Last weeks energies… Read More

Astro Aspects, 2-3rd November!

SATURN square CHIRON +Mercury quincunx Uranus + Mercury trine Chiron. You may find that dealing with a sore spot or hurt is taking it’s time to move on or cleared up. As Saturn is putting a block/restriction or… Read More

Astro Aspects,31st Oct, 2017!

  VENUS in Libra trines South Node in Aquarius, sextiles North Node in Leo. Past relationship/friendships may easily, smoothly move forward or come together with help from the Nodes. This makes things easier, when working out where this… Read More

Astro Aspects, 30-31st, Oct, 2017!

*Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces, it’s a supportive/successful aspect, Scorpio Sun, brings intensity to the sweet, magical vibe, Pisces Moon is surrender, faith. You go deeper into waters, have courage, submerge, let go.   *Mercury in… Read More